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Experts with analytics deployments of all kinds, in particluar all major tag managers, and other data pipelines such as Segment.

We are a small and highly effective team. We strive and achieve a force multiplier effect with any project we are involed with. We can take tasks entirely off your hands, while still integrating well with your current processes.

We can expertly train your own engineers and and analysts. Redesign your data layer, get you ready for GDPR, create an overall strategy for your global analytics data management.

The right marketing technology solutions

Open Source Brokers has the people and expertise to solve any Marketing Technology problem. Contact us now to see how we can help you today!


Tag Managment

We understand Tag Managers at their core. So when we implement on, Tealium, Signal, GTM, DTM, we know the best practice. We know what can be done to improve performance. We know how to organize and future proof implementations. There are many bad ways to approach using any of these TMS's and we can help you avoid them or come back from a messy implementation


We get the data too. We understand the reason for all of this work on collecting data; is to gain insights, provide guidance for future development paths, understand the user, create a single user view across all channels. And of course, consistent dependable data, is a foundational requirement to any venture into BI, Machine Learning/AI. A fact not always highlighted by vendors looking to wow about their “intelligent” products. Junk in junk out, is still a natural fact.

Managing Data

PCI, Pii, GDPR, EU Cookie Law, Data Layer Design, Solution Design for Google Analytics or Adobe, we provide these services, and have tested experence. We have worked with some of the top experts in all of these areas.

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Organizations using marketing technology for campaign management


Organizations with a fully utilized martech stack


Organizations using 21 or more digital marketing solutions


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