Tealium vs Segment


Tealium vs Segment Introduction

My plan for this series are as follows, links to be added as I complete each section. 


Tag Management

  • Data Layer
  • Data Governance and Compliance
  • Permissions and Logging
  • Advertising Tags vs Analytics Tags

Customer Data Portal

  • Labels and Martech Jargon
  • Data Enrichment
  • Real Time optimazation paths
  • Warehousing,  3rd parth sources and Long term aglity


On the highest level, tag management came into being because of the need to isolate data collection from other day to day functions. Even to the point of establishing seperate workflows for data cllection vs site specific changes and processes. But hardly any tag managers exist as independent products any longer. DTM is free with Adobe, GTM is free free. Signal still has a tag manager, but they stopped developing it years ago.


Now it isn't just about managing data collection, it is about managing data flows as part of the complex relationtions that make up a Martech stack.  


Yummy Stack