Open Source Brokers

Chris Bayford

2017 - 2018
Michael Kors

Open Source Brokers currently provides Marketing Technology consulting services to Michael Kors in order achieve their organizations marketing goals.

Chris is responsible for managing the Michael Kors client and implementing custom e-commerce Analytics solutions for their organization.

Chris has also been critical in spearheading Analytics testing with Michael Kors.

2010 - 2017

Involved in the design and development of Call Centre Suite Applications, Chris's skills in Engineering and Management were critical in the delivery of customer products on time and on budget.

Chris's strong work ethic at Advantone quickly put him a position of management where he ensured that products met specifications and Analytics reporting was accurate. 

2006 - 2010

With his astute ability for identifying dimensions and metrics for reporting Chris was involved in pioneering new reporting algorithms for Internet Video Recording software.

An integral part of his team at Advantone, Chris enabled users to accurately understand the software created and the data it collected.

About Chris

Experienced and result driven, Chris brings years of experience and knowledge to any team he is a part of.

In the past, Chris has managed large-scale projects and was a leader in transitioning his previous teams towards Agile methodologies.

As a key member of the Open Source Brokers team, Chris primarily works with our Michael Kors client and has spearheaded Analytics testing with their organization.


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