Open Source Brokers

Eric Frazier

2017 - 2018
Estee Lauder

Open Source Brokers provided Marketing Technology consulting services to Estee Lauder to help achieve their organizations marketing goals across their brand and region portfolio.

Eric was responsible for architecting and managing the critical Open Source Brokers engineering components and Team members, ensuring delivery of strong and robust solutions and strategies.

2008 - 2017
Double Prime

Eric representing Open Source Brokers pioneered industry-leading Adobe Analytics automation solutions for Double Prime global e-commerce merchants.

Solutions delivered for Double Prime clients include but are not limited to, automating product data classifications across hundreds of branded websites with Adobe Analytics and custom engineering in-house Tag Management platforms.

Through Eric's innovative eye for efficiencies and automation, he has brought valuable savings to all organizations he has worked with through Double Prime.

2007 - 2008

During his tenure with AC-Agency Eric developed custom analytics tools for the Holistic Analytics platform to provide clients with the information they needed to address web optimization issues.

Eric's prowess for management was acknowledged by IC-Agency and before his tenure ended was responsible for managing and negotiating IT contracts for hosting and API services.

2002 - 2007
DM Contact Management

As Lead Developer and later CTO Eric honed his management and engineering skills while being responsible for an all aspects IT solutions team at DM Contact Management.

While working for DM Contact Management, Eric was an early adopter of Open Source software which paid out millions in savings over his time as CTO.

About Eric

A pioneer in the Marketing Technology industry, Eric has been creating custom analytics tools and providing professional marketing consulting to large scale e-commerce organizations for 20 years.

In 1997 while studying at the University of Missouri Eric found his passion for the Internet and its marketing potential. That same year Eric began his adventure into the exciting world of software development and analytics delivering products and consulting services for The Brick Canada and ACG Communications.

Along his journey, Eric has worked with leading industry agencies such as IC-Agency, DM Contact Management, and Double Prime to deliver and impress clients with on time and innovative products.

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