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Tom Sullivan

2014 - 2018
NYU Langone

While consulting with NYU University Medical Center Tom's analytical prowess made him an invaluable member of their Digital Analytics team resulting in significant organizational revenue increases.

Working with business stakeholders, Tom helped to identify and define key performance indicators that improved efficiencies and user success rates through Conversion Rate Optimization.

2011 - 2014
Starwood Hotels

Responsible for the implementation and analysis of Adobe Analytics, Tom successfully worked with the Web Development team to maximize visitor success rate with various site features.

Tom's analysis of key site features such as navigation, search and language preference allowed the Web Development team to adjust design and functionality with confidence in the positive impact their changes would have on visitors.

2010 - 2011
Getty Images

During Tom's time with Getty Images, his primary role was to manage their Google Analytics and Omniture implementation.

Leading his team to implement new sites and data points Tom actively trained Omniture users on how to create valuable reports with the new information they were provided.

2007 - 2010
American Express

As the number of users doubled and spending increased threefold, Tom insightfully managed and scaled the Omniture deployment for American Express.

With a natural ability to understand business key performance indicators, Tom ultimately provided automated reporting for all levels of information consumers within the American Express organization.

About Tom

Toms acute ability to identify cost-saving efficiencies through analytical analysis of e-commerce platforms has resulted in revenue increases measured in the millions for many clients.

An expert with Adobe Analytics and just as talented with other platforms, Tom has worked with clients such as, Starwood Hotels and Getty Images to implement custom analytics solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

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