About Andrew

I started my career some 30 (ahem) years ago, with a fairly significant rounding error.  As a Software Engineer working for an immuno blood diagnostic OEM, I cut my teeth on Ultrix, VAX/VMS and C programming for socket level TCP comms between platforms.  The days before the internet was mainstream, and before C++ and Object Oriented Development. The rest is history, or maybe that was the history when a 1MB memory chip cost several hundred $$ (or in my world ££'s).  My first job had me self-learn C, using white book C as it was affectionately know (K&R, and pre-ANSI standard), vi, sed as well as nroff and tbl for documentation.  All of these have held me in good stead for the future.

I moved from here to relational databases, trained as an admin across many more RDBM's than there are today and expert level SQL.  I specialised in relational databases through my Computer Science degree, so it just worked out well.  I handled cross platform porting for Ingres, before CA bought it.  As the internet became a "thing" I moved through distributed computing with a startup,  that was acquired by IBM and shipped me as an import into Austin TX during the Dot Com boom.  I then moved through middleware with IBM and mobile technology learning JSP, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, HTML and CSS along the way. Working for a Startup, later

About 15 years ago, I moved into Website Development, SEO, Analytics as well as marketing with Google.  I learnt Urchin, becoming Google Analytics and from there moved to ELC, where I met Eric and quickly established myself as a website developer as well as analytics and SEO expert.

My career then took me deeply into the world of Analytics.  As principal technical consultant at Comscore, I helped global brands in eCommerce, Publications, Software, Gaming and Media and Entertainment with their analytics strategy.  In 2011 I helped ITV launch their first mobile App on IOS with Analytics, as well as helping BBC with their player technology.  I've advised Microsoft on projects to blend attitudinal and behavioural data to look at churn propensity.  Working with Activision, I helped them understand game play on Call of Duty and how best to monetise the game.  At Vevo, I measured all engagement cross platform, including YouTube.  This adventure took me round the world,  relocating to DC for 3 years.  In building the success at Comscore, we drew the attention of Adobe, who acquired us in 2015.

At Adobe, I migrated my clients over from Comscore while also learning more about the Adobe solutions.  From here, I helped two businesses bring Content and Ad Analytics solutions to market, embedding our solutions into customer and partners as well as providing trusted advisor expertise to prospective clients on measurement of video content and ads.  

I continued to develop my expertise across Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, GTM as well as developing my own analytics platform to analyse Facebook messages for purchase propensity in multi-location service companies learning more advanced Python, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, D3 and Google Charting in the process.