Our Data Analytics Team

Our Team:

As a data analytics team, we offer data mining, data analysis, data visualization, program evaluation, performance indicators development, forecasting and data insights using a collaborative and agile process. Our mission is to provide business intelligence services to add efficiency and clarity to your daily insights.

What We Provide:

  • Data mining, data modelling and data insights
  • Program evaluation
  • Data visualization including dashboards and reports
  • Trending analysis
  • Performance indicators design and analysis
  • Dashboard maintenance
  • Predictive and forecast analysis

Projects We Have Done:

  • Applicants, enrolment dashboards for post-secondary institutions
  • Survey design and survey result visualization post-secondary institutions and governments
  • Performance analysis and visualization
  • Post-secondary enrolment trend predictive analysis and forecast
  • Performance indicator design for municipalities, governments and post-secondary institutions
  • Staffing forecasting and planning
  • Pricing trend analysis
  • Customer loyalty and dropping out analysis and visualization
  • Customer profile analysis and visualization

Visualization Tools:

Tableau, Power BI, SAS BI, Python, R

Data Mining Tools:

SPSS, R, Python, SAS, SQL, Power BI

Team Members:

Qi Wang:
MSc in Statistical Genomics and Quantitative Genetics, University of Alberta
More than 10 years’ experience in program evaluation, performance indicator design,data mining, survey design and analysis, data visualizations

Katherine Yu:
M.A. in Applied Statistics, York University
PhD in Applied Mathematics, Harbin Institute of Technology
More than 12 years’ working experience in data quality control, data analytics and visualizations